University Projects

Doll's house

January - May 2014


Doll's House is a 20 minute multicamera production. The story is based around 3 characters, Lily, Ralph and Billy. We see the equilibirum between Ralph and Lily being disturbed by Billy's apperance. As Billy's emotions become heightened, Lily and Ralph soon transform into dolls. We see Billy's journey to finding out who he really is.


Job Role: Producer.

This project was produced in 4 months, from development through to broadcast. Working in a group of 17, I produced the programme, and lead the group.


January - April 2014


Created by Commix Media, Delirium is a 8 minute film based around a young girl named Carrie. You see Carrie struggle through memories of her past, with the events in her past reoccuring to torment her future. 


Job Role: Producer.

Delirium was created, developed and produced withitin 4 months. As Producer I sourced actors, and held auditions with the rest of the group. I was also the main organiser, for this project, organising locations, travel and paperwork.

The Ritz: a special place

October - December 2013


Created by Commix Media, The Ritz: A Special Place is a documentary about the renovation of The Ritz cinema in Lincoln. Interviewing staff at The Ritz, and members of the public, we see why it is so important for independent cinemas to be recognised.


Job Role: Sound Operator.

I was responsible for recording interviews, sourcing background audio, and recording the narration for this documentary.


September - October 2013


Created by Commix Media, Limbo is a 3 minute experimental film based around a Schizophrenic child killer as he starts to hallucinate about what he has done.


Job Role: Producer.

As there was only 4 weeks to create this project, I had to work quickly with people I had never worked with before. As a group we successfully found an actor, and devised the concept of the film efficiently.